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Executive Training Program completion

Vector Partners (Pvt.) Limited is proud to have successfully completed the first Executive Training Program in partnership with Iqra University, Islamabad. The three-week program ending Novermber 20th 2016, consisted of three separate workshops including:

1) Communication & Career Planning

2) Executive Management Program

3) NGO Leadership Program

The feedback from attendees has been nothing short of inspirational for us and has re-affirmed our team's goal to continue rolling out future workshops for students and professionals. We would like to thank Iqra University for providing its unwavering support and owe much gratitude to the highly talented change makers and guest speakers including Ms. Shahnaz Kapadia (Mera Maan (Pvt.) Limited), Mrs. Shagufta Omar (Women Aid Trust) and Ms. Farahdiba Rahman (Taleem Foundation).

Completion of Executive Training Program_Saud Masud_consulting & capacity building

Mr. Saud Masud with Ms. Shahnaz Kapadia

Mr. Saud Masud during ET workshop
Mr. Hassan Waqar during Project Management training _ Saud Masud

Ms. Farahdiba Rahman during NGO Leadership training session _ Saud Masud

Executive Training Program at Iqra University _ Saud Masud _ consulting & capacity building

Mr. Saud Masud during Financial Planning session _ consulting & capacity building

Vector Partners conducting Executive Management Program _ Saud Masud

Completion of NGO Leadership Program _ Saud Masud

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